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Books! Books! BOOKS! [Donate]


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As many of you are aware, Sandsete is currently building a massive library on live. We have a huge archive underneath the library that will be heavily protected. Only owners and librarians will be allowed to access that area, so if you are worried about your book collection getting stolen don't worry! On the shelves above we put only copies of copies, below we keep Originals and Copies of Originals stored safely. If you have a collection of books, please consider donating it! We will section off an area just for your books in the archives and it will be available for you to get copies of said books whenever asked. We ask you to donate only Originals and Copies of Originals since we cannot make Copies of books that have been copied twice. With YOUR help, you can help us fill this library and make it the biggest library on Loka, we'd even love to set a record for the number of written books we have. If we are helped, we would even be willing to allow visitors to read! DONATE TODAY!
Add my discord if you’re interested: McDanky#1234

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