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Become a Lokan Subscriber!


Staff member
As part of our increasing work to both provide Lokans with value for their purchases combined with our need to have a Marketing budget, we are proud to announce our latest purchase to Become a Lokan Subscriber!
For $7.99 a month you will unlock access to a handful of awesome perks, each covering a different interest in Loka. Hopefully you will find something in it for each of you. We may yet add even more value to the purchase!

As stated on the site, the perks are only usable if you stay a subscriber.

Lend us a hand on Loka and your money will go (generally) straight into new members on the server!

I want to address how... "iffy" this may seem to some of you. Frankly, the point is, we work very hard on Loka and we do an insane amount of work basically for free. We'll continue to stay true to our promise that we won't add P2W to the server, but if we can find more avenues into what we're calling "Pay to Brag", we'll absolutely explore it. If you have ideas for items, please feel free to suggest!