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Armor Colors in Conquest Battles


Staff member
The next minor/major update to Conquest battles which will push after the next server restart is a change in the way players see each other on Conquest. It's no secret to us that many towns are using CIT data in custom resource packs in order to help differentiate friend from foe (especially when invis) in Conquest Battles.

While this is neat, we don't feel the onus should be on the players to make their own lives easier in a fight. If there's something we can do officially on the server to improve gameplay on Loka, we feel we should do it.

And so, from now on, in Conquest battles, players wearing Diamond Armor will be seen as wearing Colored Leather Armor. This should give players a better sense of friends and enemies in their fights while retaining vital information about players.

Here's how the armor coloring works:
  • While in an active Battle Zone (only), you will see other players wearing Colored Leather Armor instead of showing Diamond Armor. The armor will show enchanted if the relevant diamond gear is also enchanted.
  • Color is determined by town color. If it's a neutral fight or the town has no defined color, it will display as BLUE for defenders, and RED for attackers.
  • If you're wearing any other type of armor, it will display as usual (Iron as Iron, etc).
  • Attempting to wear real Dyed Leather Armor will merely show as basic (non-dyed) leather armor (so that u will get kil't).
  • The entire attacking team (and defending team) will have the same colored armor and that is chosen based on the town that's being attacked or doing the attacking. IE: If Hilo attacks Silverhand, all of the attackers will be in Green Leather and defenders will be in White Leather.
Overall we feel like this is a good change to Conquest because it does a way better job of communicating valuable information in fights. Further, as a spectator for those sweet streamz, viewers will be able to see the teams better too when you can't see nametags, etc.

Go Forth!