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Aressem for LCR

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Age: 19
Current rank:
What you think is expected of position: Represent the Loka Community
Why you think players should support you:
I think that players should support me as LCR due to my competition's lack of social and basic human skills. I am a very active player and member of the Loka community. Although at times I can be toxic, as most people are, I really care about this player base and the members of this community. I believe that I can contribute many great ideas to this server, along with many other things. Furthermore, I will be campaigning on nothing to represent my cause. I am also apart of the GREATEST ALLIANCE LOKA HAS EVER SEEN #VAL4LIFE #COVROOLS #Rsm4LCR
When you started playing on the server: joseph madre
Time zone: Eastern European Standard
How often do you play (hours a day/week):
25 hours a day
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Rsm's 'smear campaign' method of running for LCR may be deceiving! He's actually a very nice person! The idea's he's produced in the past have been really intelligent while also realistic! Also, he's part of the covenant now so you have to vote for him.....
Not open for further replies.