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Adventurer’s Log


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March 25, 2019
Today I visited the Town of Heldenstadt on Ascalon with my Co-Owner, @FamilyTuber . It is a very well-built Town, featuring castles and village houses to shield from the freezing cold of the mountains. Llamas roam here and there, spitting on those they dislike. It’s queer, really, but Heldenstadt itself is beautiful. The buildings are tall and glorious. I suppose the Town contains a large amount of treasure, but although it’s simple to get in and out, the chests and houses are totally blockaded against invaders. The massive mountains Heldenstadt is built upon only glorify the incredible towers of the place. I wish the Town well.

March 28, 2019
A few days ago I discovered that the Town of Default is not as secure as one might think. Its walls are high, but ambition climbs higher still. Today I brought my companions along with me to take what we could grab from various chests inside. We noticed a huge tower comprised of various Industries, all stacked on top of each other. In addition, several passages were found into certain areas of the Town, allowing us to sort through the belongings in Default's War Room. Overall, the loot was quite minimal, but we found plenty of Leaf Cutters... it's strange to think that even Towns with defenses like this are able to be raided.

April 2, 2019
Noobville. An old Town, isn't it? I wonder how long it has existed. I know my friend Steve used to live there, but personally I had never been... that is, until today. There's always a way in... almost always, at least, and that rings true for Noobville. After bypassing the elegant walls, I moved to the inside, checking for entries into further buildings. As the desert would have it, the place gave me nothing but hot skin and dirty feet. Noobville is locked up tight. The only scraps I found laid inside a chest sitting just a touch too close to a Pearl Gate. Potions, lots of them, and ten ghast tears, but little did I know that keeping my loot would be harder than I thought. My horse somehow vanished in front of my eyes, so I ran to the Noobville Stables to obtain a spare. I found one, but upon saddling up, I found I was locked up with the horse - no escape. Glad I hadn't brought anything of value - save an elytra on a scouting trip here - I died, disappointed with my eventual failure, but happy to have seen the desert city.

April 21-22, 2019
Over the past two days, I have watched as my fellow Townsmen fought against the ferocious Ender Dragon alone. It’s a spectacle, really; one of them fights to the death as I stand idly by, curious as to the outcome, but not involving myself in their battle. This dragon is theirs to slay, and their worth to prove. Such a brawl initiates my Fledglings to become Falcons by earning their wings - that is, their elytra. This is the first time in quite a while I have felt such a spark of ecstatic energy as a proud Town Owner as I listened to my friends’ strategizing and heard that they were shaking from the exhilaration of such a challenge. To be part of something, to lead something, that causes someone to shake with excitement... I consider that a success.
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