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36s for slicer


36s is an active and helpful member of loka, he's an avid member of the community and creates a less toxic environment especially for newer members of loka.
He's repeatedly proven to be an incredibly prevalent and positive player on loka, so therefore deserves to be slicer.
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New Member
+1 hes chill guy. Heard he donates to charities when he can, and is currently undergoing university classes.


At first glance 36s might appear to be a nice warm welcoming friend... do not judge a book by its cover! This conniving criminalistic cow has continuously cried and cooed soft sexy seductive sayings of malicious malcontent miraculously appearing to be a gorgeous good guy. His fantastically fabricated falsified fables are unfathomable and as fake as they come. I issue this bewildering warning to woo you with nothing but truth.


New Member
+1 Not only is he of the land "glorious and free" he is a very nice individual. Seeing as his town has been getting new members its easy to assume he has been helping out the new playerbase. Even offered bodyguard services for new players !!!!

fr tho really chill guy and a good asset to the community