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  1. babycat

    Suggestion Instabreakability of Deepslate

    Hi! As I am sure many have noticed the newly added deepslate block in the 1.17 update is harder than stone, and does not instantly break when minded with efficiency 5 and haste 2 on a diamond pickaxe. I have come up with 3 ideas that could allow for the instant mining of deepslate blocks on...
  2. babycat

    1.17.1 versus 1.16.4 Performance

    TLDR: Gameplay might see slightly lower FPS while standing still, but when moving around the performance will be smoother due to improved chunk loading algorithms in 1.17.1 resulting in an overall better experience for the average player. Hardware Configuration & Settings CPU: i9-10900k @...
  3. babycat

    Babycat's Better Brewers (Orders Temporarily Closed)

    Babycat's Better Brewers Intelligent Brewing Over the last 3 years, I have worked to revolutionize the state of mass automatic brewing in Minecraft and on LokaMC. The product of that work is the V7 Super Brewer Series, capstoned by the V7 SuperMAX. All V7 Super Brewers come standard with...
  4. babycat

    No Plans to Implement Void Storage Addition: Withdrawl Hoppers

    In the currently implementation of void storage only one person can access an inventory at any time and this can prove to be a problem in larger towns when preparing for fights as getting potions out of void storage chests can take a lot of time. Because of this towns can build chest walls that...
  5. babycat

    Implement in Future Add convex geometry support to Town Zones

    WorldEdit is very powerful and with that power comes a wide variety of those tools and many ways to use them. Loka Utilizes the WorldEdit selection system using the Gold Axe for the creation of town zones using /town zone. At present, the creation of a town zone will use a cuboid selection...
  6. babycat

    Babycat For Builder

    Age: I am currently 17 Years Old. Current Rank: I am currently a settler. Rank Being Applied For: Builder / Architect Why I should become a builder? From my perspective a builder is someone who takes an imagined concept, and tries to bring it into reality. Whether it be something along the...
  7. babycat

    Babycat for Builder

    Age: I am currently 17 years old. Current Rank: I am currently a settler. Rank I am applying for: I am applying for the rank of builder. Why I should become a builder? To me, a builder is someone who takes the imagined ideas and dreams of the player base and the other members of the staff and...
  8. babycat

    OtakuBookWorm and Mtn's Wedding Video

    No real editing took place, this is just what happened during the wedding for those who were not able to attend it.