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  1. Samisol

    Splinian Unban Apeal

    i was responding to garama saying that he thinks your ban was too long, when it clearly was not.
  2. Samisol

    The Sylvian Herald

    i have stopped receiving my newspapers... :( what happened
  3. Samisol

    Splinian Unban Apeal

    ok but he was still banned for hacking and was banned 2 times before that
  4. Samisol

    Suggestion Battlegrounds Default Kit Change.

    perhaps debuffs
  5. Samisol

    Splinian Unban Apeal

    you think being banned 2 times then hacking + proceeding to alt on multiple occasions after getting banned is not worth a perm ban? yeah -1
  6. Samisol

    Suggestion End/continent stats?

    -1 too much work
  7. Samisol

    Z3k3__ for slicer

    I don’t think you know what that is
  8. Samisol

    Bug fix ghasts turning into ghosts

    No that’s just me invis sorry
  9. Samisol

    catgirlstom for Slicer

    that’s what I was saying when hexferret got it…
  10. Samisol

    Implement in Future Remove yourself as builder

    This is very old but yeah. I would love to see this get added. This is one of the most annoying things on the server. I always have to beg someone to log on and remove me as builder just because I was given builder to use a town portal like 15 hours ago. Not sure what happened to this or why...
  11. Samisol

    catgirlstom for Slicer

    he's cool but the first time i ever saw him was like last month. -1 sorry
  12. Samisol

    No Plans to Implement make renaming towns free

    This is not gonna happen, it’s one of the few ways the server can make money
  13. Samisol

    Suggestion End On Loka

    No reason to spend valuable time making something that nobody will use
  14. Samisol

    Suggestion de update to 1.16

    Idk why you guys are just ignoring crypt and mag and just adding new +1s
  15. Samisol


    stop boosting his ego
  16. Samisol

    Suggestion Instabreakability of Deepslate

    ok but people sell beacons in the market
  17. Samisol

    Suggestion Instabreakability of Deepslate

    I agree that the deepslate is a problem for people without beacons that want to mine out their town. However, I don't see a reasonable way to fix this problem seeing as you cannot adjust the hardness value of blocks. I don't see Efficiency VI getting added to Loka, or Haste IV. Anyway, it isn't...
  18. Samisol

    Suggestion End On Loka

    Hell on Loka is kind of useless. Nobody gets the policy and then flies around their continent and kills nether mobs, it’s a waste of time compared to just doing one shrine. This policy would probably be even worse. Cool idea though
  19. Samisol

    Suggestion Instabreakability of Deepslate

    arc I think you just had a bad dream