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  1. Samisol

    Samisol for Sentry

    Age: 15 Current rank: Slicer Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What you think is expected of this rank: A Sentry should be a responsible player who is familiar with the Loka rules. Sentries should be able to manage the chat and create a friendly environment for everyone in our...
  2. Samisol

    Samisol for PvE Dev

    Age: 15 Current rank: Settler Which role you are applying for: PvE role Why you think you should become this role: I think that I would be a good choice for the PvE role because I want to help improve the server in the quest department. As I've played for months, I have noticed how boring the...
  3. Samisol

    No Plans to Implement Allow Prismarine blocks to be crafted with power shards

  4. Samisol

    pUPPIpUNTIR666 and UghBraces Ban Appeal

    Me and UghBraces were just banned for assisting the ban evasion of MyNameAintDiego. We were in vc with diego when he made a new account UghBracesFan as a joke. WE NEVER TOLD HIM TO JOIN LOKA. He logged onto the server and I invited him to Southern Valyria to try to kill him and get his head. We...
  5. Samisol

    give me texture packs

    i need texture packs they are very cool and cannot find any new ones yes thank you
  6. Samisol

    Implemented Only people locked to a continent can go to nomad fights

    Please make it so that only people locked to a continent can go to a nomad fight I dont want to fight ALL OF WOLF FORCE AND COV. thank you fuh listening.
  7. Samisol


    Because... why is this a thing? You shouldn't be able to heal them like this by just spamming iron ingots, its way to easy and makes it almost impossible to kill a golem if you have multiple people doing it.
  8. Samisol

    Suggestion a mini /duel update

    Stuff I think everybody wants to see added to /duels: New maps!!!! The normal 3 maps are getting boring and a lot of people only log on loka to duel people. Custom kits...? I would love to be able to make my own custom kits, maybe you could be able to have like 2 custom kits and you could...
  9. Samisol

    No Plans to Implement Colored Text in chat for Supporters

    Allow Supporters to be able to use the color codes in chat messages :) idk thought it would be cool, it would also be another reason for other people to buy Supporter, as there isn't much there that's very enticing other than the orbs and just wanting to support the server in general.
  10. Samisol

    i heard there's quests...

    so there's quests other than the firestone one???? why did nobody tell me this :( how do i do them lol pls help
  11. Samisol

    buy my shulkers boxes

    please. im so poor. please
  12. Samisol

    Reasowns Why Lowka Should Switch Two Towny Pwugin

    Reason WOn: It is coower. weAson two: Woka Custom pwugin fweackin suck! wEasOn tree: the pain nEver endS
  13. Samisol

    Suggestion Elytra Wall Damage

    I think that the "Light on Their Feat" Town level upgrade should include not taking damage when hitting a wall with an Elytra. Or maybe add this to a different level/upgrade. There might be a reason this isn't already in the game that I don't know about since I have about 10 minutes of...
  14. Samisol

    Ducky4408 for slicer

    Welcome new players, helps people around the server, overall very friendly.