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  1. MasonMcBadbat

    Yuletide 2020 Appreciation Post

    Haven't played through the questline yet? Don't read this! Spoilers ahead.
  2. MasonMcBadbat

    Territory Colors

    Howdy, I'm not big on all the towns in an alliance using the same color on the map. Each continent feels much less lively to look at and anyone who needs clarification on who is allied to who can just check in-game. You also get a feel for which alliances are more centralized/same "culture"...
  3. MasonMcBadbat

    Improving Town FPS

    Dong Dank sits on a tile with lots of history. With all those previous owners come walls of empty chests, abandoned side projects and defunct redstone contraptions buried underground. The average FPS in the city takes a hit from all the clutter. I've been making passes to improve in-city...
  4. MasonMcBadbat


    Hey big folks o/ Rivina is a great place! So great, infact, that if you're on Rivina, you sorta just don't want to leave! As we know, if you win the conquest month on Rivina, you're pushed up into the big leagues with the continental capitols of the world on Balak for next month. Knowing this...
  5. MasonMcBadbat

    Suggestion Third Party

    Hiya, Just a thought I had about PvE content a while back. Would appreciate your thoughts about the concept. Many thanks! It's understood that, when conquest wars get big, players will naturally float towards one of two sides. While this is great for mixing together players and cities that...
  6. MasonMcBadbat

    McDanky for Slicer

    I might've forgotten to put this up before promotions, heh. Great guy, super creative and invested in the community. I think it's time he be slicer.
  7. MasonMcBadbat

    MasonMcBadBat for PvE

    Hello and Good Day Age: 21 Current rank: Slicer Which role you are applying for: PvE Why you think you should become this role: Loka is this weird thing. It's a towny server with every bell and whistle I could think of and more. I came out here after the death of my old mineman home (RIP LoM...
  8. MasonMcBadbat

    Danksgiving 2018 November 24th

    Danksgiving of 2018 We're proud to announce the first ever Danksgiving celebration at our own Danky Park! Festivities begin November 24th at 3pm eastern time. ☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰☰ Events will include... ✦ An Ironsides Clash of Continents!✦ To kick...
  9. MasonMcBadbat

    Consider Implementing Prestige, But For Towns

    Hi there, So the thought is a value stamped on towns. For now I'll use the name "Renown" cause that's a word and it almost fits the concept. What does it do? Renown is a value that the server uses to determine the access towns have to some cool things that towns would like access to. Renown...
  10. MasonMcBadbat

    Implemented Host Role

    Hi there, So when it comes to events, things can be hard to keep orderly. I believe a bunch of these organizational challenges can be overcome using tools offered in a Host role given to the director of an event. A host role being a temporary class that contains abilities such as: Colored /...
  11. MasonMcBadbat

    Implemented Bleed Mod Nerf

    Hi there, The black module that spawns bedrock on the ground causing bleed for the enemy is a bit much. The bleed goes on for a pretty long time and the 1 heart per tick alone is enough to spam these mods on all T-gens, not to mention it also works as a buff for the team using it. So maybe a...
  12. MasonMcBadbat

    No Plans to Implement Hockey League

    Hi there, So hockey. Fun game, it's on ice, slap a slime into some goals with wooden hoes. I figure hockey would be fun on Loka as members of a town could come together and show prowess in something that isn't pvp for their city. Teams of three/four/(?) bearing their town's colors can...
  13. MasonMcBadbat

    SwammieMan for Slicer

    Kind guy, high energy and does what he can to help the server grow. I think it's time he be slicer.
  14. MasonMcBadbat

    jmeatball For Slicer

    I noticed his librarian nomination and was kinda surprised he isn't slicer. Good writer, works as a diplomat for his group and plays the part well. I think he's earned the title of Slicer.
  15. MasonMcBadbat

    Consider Implementing Instruments

    Hello! The server is always looking for cash, and the players are always looking for customization, so what about musical instruments? Instruments could utilize a new texture, or just re-brand a note block. Hold the item in your inventory and right click to play a little tune as music notes...
  16. MasonMcBadbat

    New Player Handbook

    Hi there, I'm putting together an introductory handbook to mass produce so it can be given out to new players. It can be taxing to lead the same tour and answer the same questions in repetition and I figured a handbook could answer questions and guide players in a way we couldn't do before...
  17. MasonMcBadbat

    Consider Implementing Banks/Ore Exchanges

    Hello! There has been some interest in new layers of economy for Loka such as trade routes, agreements etc. While those paths might be out of our reach, this suggestion might be attainable. Currently, to exchange your mined goods, you go to spawn and find a little ore exchange machine in a...
  18. MasonMcBadbat

    tjay14 for Slicer

    tjay has been an amazing addition to both Dong Dank and Loka meme chat for just over a year now. I think it's time he become a slicer.
  19. MasonMcBadbat

    Suggestion Rule for Excessive Destruction

    At the moment, regarding builds in a town, owners are mostly uncontested in their rights to edit the terrain in their town borders. That's not a bad thing, but it created this destructive vice for challenged players. Since an owner owns all the blocks in a town tile, there is nothing to stop...
  20. MasonMcBadbat

    Hot Chocolate Drink

    I've got 2 dubs of cocoa beans and very little use for them.