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  1. X_Cavator

    Weakness 3 is bs

    Buff tower + weakness tower has 0 counter play. The weakness 3 is outrageous, takes way too long to kill someone and gives the defenders a free win because of that. Weakness 1 or 2 is much more reasonable than 3, plz nerf.
  2. X_Cavator

    Nerf TnT Towers

    First off, not here to complain about these, I think these are genuinely not fair. My computer goes from 300 fps, to 1 fps when these towers fire. This alone ruins any attempt at pvp. While your fps is dropped, all the tnt hits you at once because you can't move and it sends you over 150 blocks...
  3. X_Cavator

    Deleting a tgen while an Inhibitor is active

    Today I set up an inhib in Aquos territory and instead of fighting me they chose to delete the tgen. Now this is a pretty good idea if you don't have the time or resources to put the fight up but my inhib was still going even after this tgen was deleted. I still got the messages that popped up...
  4. X_Cavator

    Wyn Sylvari

  5. X_Cavator

    A Fresh Start

    Hey guys, as you all have seen, Loka has a relatively low player count. Loka is a server that has a balance of survival, pvp, and roleplay. Loka is supposed to be a unique blend of all these elements into a way that players typically have not seen before. Now, the survival part is pretty well...
  6. X_Cavator

    PvP Lessons

    Hey guys, as you all know I'm the best pvper that has ever been on minecraft. I am offering lessons to anyone who wants to be gud leik me. If you aren't sold you will after seeing me pvp leik a pro.
  7. X_Cavator

    Loka players in real life

    Hey it's X_Cav, on another server I play on there was a thread about this and I thought it would be cool to do on loka. Basically we post pictures of what we think other people on the server look like in real life based on how they act or have descirbed themselves to you. Only rule is you can't...
  8. X_Cavator

    New Advertising Strategy

    Hello, Recently there have been many new hardcore factions servers that have been coming out. Most of these servers have been seeing a tremendous amount of success because people are tired of the standard pay2win factions. Many servers such as Dawn and Badlion have been getting 300-500 players...
  9. X_Cavator


    Hey Loka, Many of you have probably noticed the absence of Tvalldaway. He has suffered a car crash and as of now we have no idea how he is doing. He could be seriously injured or just traumatized in general, all we know is that it is serious enough to keep him out of contact with us. What I...
  10. X_Cavator

    Badlion with me!

    We're just too pro.
  11. X_Cavator

    TnT Cannons

    Hello, I have been talking with lokans about raiding lately and the majority have told me that they find it too hard to raid. Most towns are encased in some sort of wall so the only way of entry is through tunnels. If the town has smart members they can make it virtually unraidable. Because of...
  12. X_Cavator


    bruh moment
  13. X_Cavator

    The reason we are leaving

  14. X_Cavator

    [Team] YoloSwag

    Team YoloSwag: X_Cavator streetz234 obeseninjakitty