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  1. DFG1125

    Suggestion Win/Loss Strength

    This isn't the most thought off suggestion, but people are welcome to add things down below. My basic idea is to buff strength gain for winning, and nerf the loss for losing when attacking for both. Besides making sense because attacking is harder, it would encourage attacking more instead of...
  2. DFG1125

    Suggestion Bountiful Territory Capital Policy

    Benevolent: Everyone on the continent has (higher percentage) to get one. Neutral: Your alliance has (higher percentage) to get one. Oppressive: Everyone on the continent has (lower percentage) to get one. This would be pretty cool let's get it going +1 also first suggestions of 2019 LLLL
  3. DFG1125

    No Plans to Implement New Capital Policy

    My idea for this new capital policy is simple, it disallows the use of a mod (of your choice) on your continent to everyone, including yourself. For example, I dislike people using Rallying charge so I want to ban that, then neither I nor anyone else on my continent may use it. In the case that...
  4. DFG1125

    Implement in Future Airships

    So the capital policy of airships has become obselete compared to some of these newer ones, and it was only ever valuable because there was nothing else to pick, I'm suggesting we buff it like this: Allow every town in an alliance to build an airship and when you walk onto an airship (at spawn...
  5. DFG1125

    Implement in Future Too much prestige!

    This suggestion is pretty simple, as most of my suggestions are, so I've been getting back into town jobs as I haven't done it in months, and I was excited to see you could set a perquisite which allowed you to make a minimum prestige needed to do a job, my suggestion is this: allow that same...
  6. DFG1125

    No Plans to Implement Forum Time Zone

    I'm not even sure what time zone the forums are on, I suggest we put the server on PST/MST/CST/EST.
  7. DFG1125

    Implemented Librarian Title

    My suggestion is simple, make Librarian work how the YouTube role does, so that anyone who has the role has this symbol (or something to it's effect): in brackets this way the librarians don't have to wear the librarian title and people can still tell if they are one, if they want to ask about...
  8. DFG1125


    Age: 17 Current Rank: Settler Which role are you applying for: PVE Dev Why do you think you should become this role? I feel that I should become a PVE Dev because I enjoy questing, making town jobs, I enjoy making things that people enjoy, which is why I make the memes I do. Lastly, I feel this...
  9. DFG1125

    Consider Implementing Nerf Town Regen

    So yesterday (7/30/18) the town Althuan fell, and today I went to visit it, and to my horror I saw that almost all the trees that had taken the people at least a week to take down had all come back in a day, I feel that the regen rate is way to high and should be at least cut in half if not...
  10. DFG1125

    Implement in Future Custom Industries

    The idea behind is making industries without having to tear down the whole template first, and easier placement. How it would work: This would allow you to select a zone with a golden axe, and do a command like /g custom [Industry]. Where you're standing when you did the command would determine...
  11. DFG1125

    Implement in Future Chairs

    I feel as though something like this has been posted before, but I couldn't find anything on it. If you do find something on changing the chair plugin please link it in the comments. I'm not sure how to go about it, but I feel the way chairs work should be changed, because it is extremely...
  12. DFG1125

    No Plans to Implement 1.13 and the RI

    This was just a quick thought that I had in my head and I wanted to get it out there before I forgot the details. I'm unsure as to what your plans are for the new blocks with 1.13, but I feel as though you should add all the new 1.13 sea blocks in the water around the RI acting as atolls, and...
  13. DFG1125

    Implement in Future Keep On Death

    There isn't much to say on this topic really so this will be brief. I feel as though if you are killed by a member of your town while inside your town that you get KOD. Also this should be toggle-able. That's all.
  14. DFG1125

    Consider Implementing Reports

    The current report system works very well, I've just got a suggestion to add to it. I was recently making a bug report, and I had to cram things in really hard to fit everything I needed to in, my suggestion would be allow multiple "lines" so that you can go back and add to a report because of...
  15. DFG1125

    First Meme Competition

    First Elysian Memes Competition ========================================================================= Hello there Lokan memers! Are you ready for the first lokan meme competition? Good, me too so let's get started! =========================================================================...