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  1. OperaGhost2004

    OtakuBookWorm For Guardian

  2. OperaGhost2004

    ReformedPheonix For Slicer

    -1 Great guy, but I don't think he's ready for Slicer
  3. OperaGhost2004

    Suggestion Regional Champions

    yes +1
  4. OperaGhost2004

    OtakuBookWorm For Builder

    yesyesyesyesyes +1
  5. OperaGhost2004

    Suggestion New Seafaring and Plundering Ventures! 1.14 Suggestions

    the ocean stuff is 1.13, and the crossbows, pillagers, and a ton of amazing new building blocks such as polished andesite slabs is 1.14
  6. OperaGhost2004

    Implement in Future Trees r cool

  7. OperaGhost2004

    A Change To Animal Despawning

    the main thing I'm wondering is, does it have to be all four? (nametagged, tamed, 5 minutes, in a town)
  8. OperaGhost2004

    A Change To Animal Despawning

    what about a chicken, since you can't technically tame them?