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  1. LostProperty

    PartayArc for PvE Dev

    +1 Perfect fit
  2. LostProperty

    Khanye unmute appeal

    U offered to buy me a knife. I don't care about set at all. You were overly toxic for no reason. You constantly start beef and I don't think you should be unmuted.
  3. LostProperty

    Khanye unmute appeal

    -1 Don't think i need to touch on this much
  4. LostProperty

    Unreadi for Slicer!

    As of now I’m going to say -1 I feel like he will be a great member for this role In the future. But not right now. Just give it a little bit then I’ll gladly +1
  5. LostProperty

    Ughbraces for slicer

    I don't think I gotta say a lot. He's a well respect member of the community and a perfect fit for this role.
  6. LostProperty

    No Plans to Implement Invis...

    add cits back or invis ez
  7. LostProperty

    Marioistrash for Sentry

    +1 I've known Mario for a long time. Perfect fit
  8. LostProperty

    LostProperty For Sentry

    dog I cant fix it. It isn't just the card.
  9. LostProperty

    LostProperty For Sentry

    when my pc is fixed 1v1 me
  10. LostProperty

    LostProperty For Sentry

    Age: 15 Current rank: Slicer/LCR Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What you think is expected of this rank: Sentry is a important role for loka to run smoothly. Sentry's have to be a good problem solver. These players have to keep an open mind. See both sides of the story spite...
  11. LostProperty

    Asking for forgiveness

    Hey thats me
  12. LostProperty

    LostProperty For LCR

    Age: 15 Current rank: Slicer What you think is expected of position: i think LCR should be a highly respected member of the community. These players should be able to help with ideas and communicate ideas/Problems with the community. These players must be open to everything. Why you think...
  13. LostProperty

    give me texture packs

  14. LostProperty

    TheFreshLemon Ban Appeal?

    what type. Better be French toast
  15. LostProperty

    Frog's Brewer Company

    Can i dupe my current brewer @FroggyFruit1357 ??????
  16. LostProperty

    Suggestion change to locks

    What would happen if a new player joins. Are they able to lock to a town? or are they not able to fight?
  17. LostProperty

    Djscales101 Unmute appeal

    +1 he carries my league of legends games, Kinda Epic