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  1. DisturbedMoskito

    Make your own epic gamer grid

    BoTW really was a masterpiece. Here's mine; Don't wanna brag, but I completed the entirety of Zelda ocarina of time without any guide. Oh and Darksiders too... which was kind of a pain. I remember one day before school, super early in the morning (I was like 10), I found out you could team up...
  2. DisturbedMoskito

    Kaph for PvE Dev

    Your ideas for quests seems fun and I totally see something like it being created. Exploring lesser known characters to uncover more lore about the world and places. Nothing more to say really, I think you are a good fit for the pve team and that we need more people like you! +1
  3. DisturbedMoskito

    PartayArc for PvE Dev

    like koi said. I believe you would bring a lot to the PvE dev. team and that overall you would make a great dev. +1
  4. DisturbedMoskito

    SilentStormSix for Guardian

    ^, +1 Silent would make a great Guardian imo.
  5. DisturbedMoskito

    FoxyBearGames for Guardian

    Judging from his behaviours as an LCR, as a sentry, and in the dev team in the past, I have difficulty believing that he couldn't handle the job of a guardian because of his age. The time he spent as a sentry is a more relevant factor, but we could say the same for someone of 19 years old...
  6. DisturbedMoskito

    Added Sound Filters

    Wo sounds cool! +1
  7. DisturbedMoskito

    No Plans to Implement EMPOWER THE BUILDERS

    Wait isn't printing in Schematica just straight up placing the build in the world?
  8. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion When Holding Feather, Show Zone Borders

    YESSS! That would be a so useful feature!
  9. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion /lore line # clear

    Good idea +1
  10. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion piglin stonks

    Interesting idea but personnaly I consider the piglins as a culture and a civilisation of it’s own, not just some random mobs you can feed money. But I like the idea of having some kind of economical trading in between groups and town.
  11. DisturbedMoskito

    FoxyBearGames for PvE Developer

    Idk why I didn't see this application earlier, but I think Foxy would be a good pick for pve dev. He is very implicated in the community, very active, and has awesome ideas. +1
  12. DisturbedMoskito

    Implemented Lore Line Character Limit

    Wow didn’t even got the time to +1 this.
  13. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion Terrain in fights

    Maybe there could be a mechanic system for environmental hazards in the futur ?
  14. DisturbedMoskito

    What The Loka Community Wants

    Wow I don’t know why I didn’t see this post before, but all that is really encouraging and it’s really cool to see that so many players wants pve development. And like others mentioned,
  15. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion Terrain in fights

    I think these are part of the environnemental challenges of territories. Would you complain if it was too hot fighting in the desert? Or too many mosquitoes in the jungle (though that I can see why it would be a pain), well you choose to fight there so endure your tall grasses. Except like other...
  16. DisturbedMoskito

    Kingdom of Eneria

    Wow that war room is epic! Great work!
  17. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion Legacy Chat

    Noooo the new colours are cool why you don’t like em honestly though, maybe? I really got use to the new colours and I think they are great. I don’t see any reason why we should let people go back to the old colours? They match with the rest of the color code and all.
  18. DisturbedMoskito

    MsDanky for Slicer

    Wait, that’s illegal. jk jk very cool person and super friendly to everyone. She often help new members in our town with getting familiar to all the new stuff on loka, so I think she would make a great Slicer! +1