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  1. DisturbedMoskito

    Moskito’s Note block Company !

    Hello everyone! In the past year or so I have been learning and experimenting with note blocks, creating songs and stuff for my town and just for fun. I thought that other people could want to have note block songs for their town, or to add to a resource pack, or for whatever reasons really. So...
  2. DisturbedMoskito

    Disturbedmoskito for pve dev

    Age: 14 Current rank: Settler / Builder Which role you are applying for: Pve Dev. Why you think you should become this role: I am a builder, yes, but I have always been more interest by game mechanics such as quest or skills than building. This may seems contradictory, since I spent a lot of...
  3. DisturbedMoskito

    Implement in Future Allow town to have more and custom NPCs

    More npcs, but not a hole lot. More npcs could be something you unlock while your town is levelling up. For example, it could be +1 npc for each 4 levels, or something like that. My town would really like this feature, since we are trying to provide a role-play experience, but its complicated...
  4. DisturbedMoskito

    No Plans to Implement Bring back colored text in books

    I know we can't anymore because of how Mojang made the newer versions, but could there be a way to bring this back? Perhaps with this plugin? (Or another one, thats just a cool one i found) https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/colored-books.78355/ I think that colored books would be amazing to...
  5. DisturbedMoskito

    Fixed Edition 2 of "Here are some bugs i found within the quest system"

    Like the title says, I found more bugs, and I will now share them (with screenshots if applicable). But in THIS edition of "Here are some bugs i found within the quest system", I feature some kind of organization to the post! I know right, it's amazing. Along with better descriptions of the bugs...
  6. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion Some more suggestions for the quest system

    So, a lot of the bugs in the quest system were solved. That lead me to investigate even more the system to seek more bugs, and i came with more suggestions/features to add the the current system to improve it and increase its potential even more. Quest cool-down remember those jobs that you...
  7. DisturbedMoskito

    Fixed Here are some bugs i found within the quest system

    I experimented a bit with the quest system and i found some bugs. Here they are (with screenshots if needed): - On-complete message not working (displays as* invalide book tag *) - Auto-complete quests requires a turn-in NPC, which shouldn't be the case - You can see all the loka official...
  8. DisturbedMoskito

    Suggestion Some suggestions for the Quest System

    I've been experimenting with the current quest system for a while now, and i came up with some improvements/feature to add more possibilities to the quest system and more potential for quests. Progressive objectives : We should have a way to do progressive objectives, so that if you have...
  9. DisturbedMoskito

    DiturbedMoskito for builder

    Age: 14 Current rank: Settler Which role you are applying for: Builder Why you think you should become this role: Loka might be the thing in minecraft that brings me the most memories of good times. Since i first joined 3 years ago, Loka has been the only thing keeping me playing minecraft...