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  1. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion Capital Bounty Change

    it would be sick if capital bounties returned the industries back to the respective towns it was from so capitals don't just literally steal industries. it would be really sick and lokamc epic
  2. SigmaFlash

    Hub Mute

    Hello Loka Community, For a long time I haven't been able to speak in the Loka hub. It makes me really sad and I don't even know why I was muted in the first place. I think I deserve this unmute because I was probably toxic when the server crashed during a fight HOWEVER I am reformed now as you...
  3. SigmaFlash

    NoMemes Role

    I posted a very unfunny and cringe meme a long time ago however it was PG and family friendly. Ever since then I have dropped out of school and focused my time on researching funny memes and I ask to be able to once again share in the #loka-memes and #memes channels in the loka discord. I would...
  4. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion /ri command

    Since crypt added the thing in chat that tells you when your ri's are ready to be mined, maybe add a command so u can check whenever because u could be afk or not see the msg when it pops up and it would make life ez pz
  5. SigmaFlash

    Bug Thorns 2 HAS GONE MISSING

    when you enchant with an arcanum you only get no thorns or thorns 3. Thorns 2 used to be such an easy thing to get and i want it back. #THORNS2LIVESMATTER #JUSTICEFORTHORNS2
  6. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion Possible Trident Conditions.

    With the ability to add riptide to the trident and basically be untouchable and kite, there should obviously be restrictions on it if it was to ever get added to Loka. One way it to make it similar to elytras where riptide would only work when you are out of combat so people can still use...
  7. SigmaFlash

    Nz_Pheo for slicer

    Pheo has been a really nontoxic player with a clean record and good relations with all players on loka. He is also a very helpful player and owner and community member. He would make a great slicer.
  8. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion Void Storage Tiers

    Make tiers of void storage access chests are more expensive to make with diamonds and expensive items but allow them to store more categories of items and allow for more people to access them. This would fix the problem of people trying to refill during fights while there is a lot of people in...
  9. SigmaFlash

    SigmaFlash's Alting Ban Appeal

    To begin with, if you don't know the full story, I would appreciate if you would read this without having bias block your judgment. To begin with, the account SupaKrishBoi first joined in March when I accidentally logged on and I just decided to do the intro course because I wanted to see how it...