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  1. ihopnow

    ihopnow v6

    rights its 2020 unban me enit mans changed look at me ive got a beard coming and everything im so mature
  2. ihopnow

    ihopnow v5

    Aight cool basically i was ban for BREAKING BLOCKS AND PLACING WATER IN MUSABS BASE he deserved it so technically it didn't deserve a ban. Mans been ban since August 31st or something and been muted on the discord since September and yesterday i got ban from the discord, this is outrageous. Its...
  3. ihopnow

    ihopnow v5

    unban me yas
  4. ihopnow

    ihopnow v4

    Is it too late now to say sorry?
  5. ihopnow


    So as you may know i have appealed for a ban (for the first time) and i am just curious as to when i am going to be ban. I have appealed to be ban on September 2nd and now i feel that i have learnt my lesson and i have become a completely different person. If you choose to make the ban longer...
  6. ihopnow

    ihopnow ban appeal 2

    Dear People Of The Loka Community, I would like to start off by apologizing deeply for my unprofessional behavior. It was unprofessional and certainly warranted punishment. I know that such behavior has hurt many people badly especially the people in the "Wayrest" Town I am sincerely sorry for...
  7. ihopnow


    Dear People Of The Loka Community, (especially staff) i hope you read this Right the reason I got ban was for "Betraying" My town (At this time I did not know the rules very well because I thought it was just like factions because someone told me when I asked in chat) known as "Wayrest" I am...