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  1. Gqldn

    Curlyy for Sentry

    +1, Curlyy is probably one of the nicest and most helpful players I have met on Loka. She spends her time on Loka helping new players in her town, designing builds, and making the chat a more friendly place. Curlyy's overall positive attitude and outlook on the server makes her a perfect...
  2. Gqldn

    Crucco For Slicer

    +1 I’ve played with Jomo and his friend group on many different servers and can say that he is a chill and positive guy. As a very skilled pvper, nice player, and longtime member of Loka, Jomo definitely deserves the rank.
  3. Gqldn

    36s for slicer

    +1 funny guy and helps new members in his town. I also hear he is famous