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  1. Noloite

    Post your pets!

    Hello! Just made a thread for anyone to post pictures of their pets - maybe we can have a vote on who has the cutest pet! So I’ll start. This is Misty, he is 14 years old.
  2. Noloite

    Suggestion Religion Suggestions

    Alrighty. So at the moment the idea of having an inter-continent religion (or even inter-alliance) isn't really feasible due to the limit on leaders and holy sites. It doesn't make sense to have only one holy site, and dragging someone across the world to join a religion isn't very appealing. My...
  3. Noloite

    Suggestion Bottling Exp

    I know that dungeons produce exp bottles. This isn't about generating exp, but storing it. Right clicking with an empty glass bottle should give you a "medium-sized" bottle of exp for later use. Why is this useful? You might be going out to battle and need to store those 34 levels. Someone...