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  1. nokiaman

    Resource Islands Are Too Easy

    My endless grinding in the mines feels like such a waste after these got released lul
  2. nokiaman

    Llamas spawn in savanna

    who the fuck cares, just give the poor lad some llamas
  3. nokiaman

    Llamas spawn in savanna

    Sku ascalon has most, Cows, Rabbits, Mooshrooms and Llamas
  4. nokiaman

    Suggestion Blank Industries

    get grinding fam
  5. nokiaman

    Official Update Thread

    Lol as if anyone would ever want a cryptite to build :)
  6. nokiaman

    Farewells, Stamps and Nokkers out

    I have decided to quit Loka (Stamp aswell, anythig in this post can be more or less applied to him aswell) and Minecraft in General, and before everyone goes nuts and starts spamming me in Discord please read everything and respect it. Im not gonna write an entire Roman about this since theres...
  7. nokiaman

    Origins of Nephist

    Nice job Neph, proud of you :)
  8. nokiaman

    nokia for Sentry

    Age: 19 Current rank: Slicer Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What you think is expected of this rank: To be helpful in chat to new players with all questions they've got, since Loka does have a complicated system. Also to catch all these fishy X-Rayers in my timezone, since I do...
  9. nokiaman

    BorkMork for Slicer!

    yusd +1
  10. nokiaman

    The Loka+ Resource Pack [16x]

    Can we get a 32x and lowfire version?
  11. nokiaman

    The Lokan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Aurulians

    Bat has a clean record? I seem to recall a certain ban.
  12. nokiaman

    The Lokan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Aurulians

    But yet that seems to be the entire point of the video megalul
  13. nokiaman

    Kallious for Slicer

    If bat can be a slicer i dont see why kall cant
  14. nokiaman

    Alpha/Beta Survival

    I was wondering if anyone would like to play some survival on an Beta or Alpha server, for good ole' feels. Then we can all run around like cavemen, build ugly houses, make weird noises and have a good time. I could host it local but that would be silly with timezone, so if anyone has a server...
  15. nokiaman

    Xp Bottles

    I think it would be nice if you could combine Xp bottles into the larger versions
  16. nokiaman

    First Arvik Tournament

    We had a couple Tournaments in New Ibbish and we had a great time, so we made a even bigger and better Arena in Arvik, and would like to host our first tournament. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  17. nokiaman

    Loka fan art

    I did a self-portrait
  18. nokiaman

    List of All Loka Players

    i did
  19. nokiaman

    List of All Loka Players

    So much weird shit with these generations i im confus what i am.