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  1. Steve5729

    Implemented Religion conversion change

    Basically, you can only convert someone to a religion if they aren't already in one. This prevents the conversion from being only used for "Raid security." another option is simply adding a toggle invites feature in /profile. Either of these works great
  2. Steve5729

    Biggest Fails

    What's a big fail you made on Loka that you totally should have seen coming but didn't? This thread is to appreciate and laugh with each other at some good old stupid moments. To get things started here are some of mine: Going AFK on an RI with my Elytra on and a Lore Sword. Getting stuck in a...
  3. Steve5729

    Suggestion Ignore in PG

    https://www.lokamc.com/forums/index.php?threads/add-ignore-to-pg.3986/ Not sure if this counts as necro-posting but the recent PG changes reminded me of this. I do think this really does need to be added since I, and I'm sure many others, have reported players and been told to just /ignore them...
  4. Steve5729

    Suggestion Show hopper and item-frame count on /g info

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. It just seems useful especially with the even lower limit of hoppers (which we knew was coming but still)
  5. Steve5729

    Suggestion Leather Horse Armor Colors.

    So in 1.14, there is dyeable leather horse armor. When we get it wouldn't be cool if the horses you brought into battle were displayed with your towns colors similar to players? Post too early? Maybe but I wanted to say it before I forgot lol.
  6. Steve5729

    Town Laws

    Hi! I'm wondering if your towns have any specific laws that you implement (Obviously no betrayal.) Little things such as forbidding the usage of leaf cutters in your town or areas that people aren't allowed to go to. This is for a project I've been working on. (One I'll post about when it's...
  7. Steve5729

    Suggestion Void storage order changing.

    Hi so pretty basic complaint: I want to be able to organize my items in a certain order but I'm having problems. Eg. I want the order of my stairs to go stone brick, spruce, oak, but I added them in the order oak, spruce, stone brick. In order to change It I believe I need to take all items out...
  8. Steve5729

    Suggestion Sub Religions

    In reality you have religions like Christianity with several sub religions. Eg Roman Catholic, Protestant and LDS just to name a few. So why can't we have this on Loka. I imagine it would work as follows: The starter religion / main religion must at least have a certain faith (500-1000). The...
  9. Steve5729

    Silentstorm6 for Slicer

    Silent is one of Loka's players that seems genuinely to care about the server. He's been playing for a little over half a year now and I think he is deserving of slicer. He actively engages with people on the server and has become a regular, currently owning a town. He's very welcoming to new...
  10. Steve5729

    Suggestion Update Guide page.

    Just wanted to point out that the guide page on the website has the old pictures of Tgens and Inhibs
  11. Steve5729

    Suggestion Stat Track Removal / Individual Stat Track Settings

    I think you should be able to toggle specific stats on specific items eg. I have 2 stat tracked swords but what if I only want one to show mob kills. Also the option to Remove stat tracking from an item entirely. I think this would be nice to have. Orbs could be 50% refunded (75 orbs.) or just...
  12. Steve5729

    Fixed Tab in conquest is broken?

    So in conquest fights tab will not show who is in the fight, dead and alive. All names are normal as they were before the fight. I'm not sure if this was a decision to remove this or an unknown bug but it's been around a while and I figured I'd report it since my /report hasn't been responded to.
  13. Steve5729

    Steve5729 for Librarian

    Age: 17 Current rank: Slicer Which role you are applying for: Librarian Why you think you should become this role: I've recently got back into the lore of Loka and I love it. I recently started continuing my forums series (Lost but on Purpose #ShamelessPlug) after it went on a hiatus and I have...
  14. Steve5729

    Release dates

    So... We got promised a lot of things and we have no Idea where they are. I'm creating this because I'm impatient and would like to know how things are going. I know that I would (and probably so would others) would like to know about the following: Loot Crates Vota and Voq redos Loka...
  15. Steve5729

    Suggestion add /ignore to PG

    I know Nova's banned, that's not the point. The point is that if the best solution for annoying players isn't available in Proving grounds and PVP servers you have to deal with harassment. It should be especially considered toxicity that happens in places like PG.
  16. Steve5729

    Consider Implementing Buff Slowness mod

    After the much needed nerf of the slowness mod to be much more like aura it's become near useless. So as a buff to this I suggest: Make the slowness slowness 2 or 3. This makes the slowness much more deadly if someone is caught in it. The other thing I suggest is to make the slowness module's...
  17. Steve5729

    Implemented Stopping Ranked Seasons.

    So basically this ranked season, next to no one has been queuing at all. This is because people are either getting burned out or just stopping (Or maybe its broken IDK.) but I think we should stop the ranked seasons. One of the main problems I see happening if we don't is the titles and helmets...
  18. Steve5729

    Implemented Limit Rivinia attacks

    In the past two days our alliance has had to deal with 5 fights and quite frankly it gets to the point where its no longer fun and just tedious. So please change it so that you can only place on rivinia once or twice a day at most. Or limit defenses to 1 or 2. Either way it's just annoying to...
  19. Steve5729

    No Plans to Implement Make Bleed effect easier to see.

    So today in the Aviary vs Valyria fight I noticed that its difficult to tell when someone is bleeding. The bleed particles are all-ready implemented in the stat tracked swords so why not do something similar where that happens when they get bleeding.
  20. Steve5729

    No Plans to Implement When no one joins in ranked.

    Basically this is the most annoying situation ever. You sit in ranked queue for 10 min to find out that the other person queued is afk. I think that you should get 20 prowess for joining and waiting around. Not Elo (obviously that would be easy to farm.) but 20 prowess is the same as a victory...