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  1. nokiaman

    Farewells, Stamps and Nokkers out

    I have decided to quit Loka (Stamp aswell, anythig in this post can be more or less applied to him aswell) and Minecraft in General, and before everyone goes nuts and starts spamming me in Discord please read everything and respect it. Im not gonna write an entire Roman about this since theres...
  2. nokiaman

    nokia for Sentry

    Age: 19 Current rank: Slicer Which rank you are applying for: Sentry What you think is expected of this rank: To be helpful in chat to new players with all questions they've got, since Loka does have a complicated system. Also to catch all these fishy X-Rayers in my timezone, since I do...
  3. nokiaman

    Alpha/Beta Survival

    I was wondering if anyone would like to play some survival on an Beta or Alpha server, for good ole' feels. Then we can all run around like cavemen, build ugly houses, make weird noises and have a good time. I could host it local but that would be silly with timezone, so if anyone has a server...
  4. nokiaman

    Xp Bottles

    I think it would be nice if you could combine Xp bottles into the larger versions
  5. nokiaman

    First Arvik Tournament

    We had a couple Tournaments in New Ibbish and we had a great time, so we made a even bigger and better Arena in Arvik, and would like to host our first tournament. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  6. nokiaman

    Suggestion Moving Capital decide time

    I think it would be a good idea to move the capital time to a the first weekend of the month, so more people can make it for the important fights that always happen there and us Europeans don't get screwed over to timezones.
  7. nokiaman

    Buying Smoothstone

    Im buying all the Smoothstone/Stonebricks you can sell me +Im looking for people who is up for doing some Grunt work
  8. nokiaman

    Skeletal Horses

    Skeleton horses burn in Sunlight? Pls
  9. nokiaman

    Sougolabanana for Slicer

    Sougola is active, both as a helpful town member, and in Conquest Battles, and has been around for as long as i remember. He might not be the most active and helpful player in chat, since he was never taught English and is 100% Self taught. (sometimes turn out hilarious :p) He has been our...
  10. nokiaman

    Praise our Lord and Savior

  11. nokiaman

    nokiaman for Sentry

    I would like to apply for the post of sentry :) We dont have any other Guardians/Sentry's from Europe other than Grubul, that i know off. I play on the server, check the forums and Discord almost daily. I have 450 Recorded hours on Loka so i fell like i got pretty good knowledge on how the...
  12. nokiaman

    Render Image of New Ibbish

    I made this cool render of New Ibbish, hope you like it
  13. nokiaman

    "Second New Ibbish Tournament"

    Its been quite awhile since we held the last one. We're going to use the experience we gathered last time to make it even more epic! This time each match will be best of three to keep it going a little longer If you don't wanna fight your more than welcome to just come and watch ( Or sell...
  14. nokiaman

    Selling 20.000 pieces of Bread

    Yea title says it all, please come forth with some offers
  15. nokiaman

    Skuhoo and MoPyc

  16. nokiaman

    New Spawn: Docks Sneakpeak

    A little sneakpeak on what me and the rest of the build team are working on. You will like it :)
  17. nokiaman

    Suggestion MythicDrops/Diablo Drops

    Along time ago me and Stampen played on a Server which had this Plugin. Its allows mobs to drop special Weapons, with custom Attributes. We both think it would be a great addition to the server as it makes killing mobs a little less tiresome, and more interesting. Its very much like that...
  18. nokiaman

    New Ibbish Tournament

    Tournament has been postponed 2 hours so more can make it We just finished building New Ibbish, and would like to celebrate with all, friends and foe's alike you by hosting a Tournament, at our very last build: The Arena The Tournament will be held April 1th 22:00 CET Location: x3700/z4800...
  19. nokiaman

    Suggestion Fishing Town LvL and new Industry

    So with all the cool new fish weights i think it would be great if the town could have a Fishing lvl, and get more exp the more the fish weights. This could also make for a great "Fishing Hut" Industry which could catch all kind of Fishes, and get rid of all the other crap you else would catch...