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  1. SuperCuber218

    I can play on Loka for 1 day...

    Other thing, I can also play on Hypixel or Fortnite with you.
  2. SuperCuber218

    Qfu for Slicer

    +1 No questions to ask
  3. SuperCuber218

    Heydood for Slicer

    +1 GoodAtTheGame is GoodAtTheGame
  4. SuperCuber218

    DFG1125 For Slicer

    +1! All best memes are from him
  5. SuperCuber218

    koi0001 for Slicer

    Remembing to Black Hammer Keep!! +1
  6. SuperCuber218

    Unallowed for Slicer!

    You created this thread too late! xD +1
  7. SuperCuber218

    SmiGuy for Slicer !!

    +1 of course!!!
  8. SuperCuber218

    ExplodingBull for slicer

    +1!!! He is so nice!!!
  9. SuperCuber218

    Wemb for slicer!!

    2 words, +1
  10. SuperCuber218

    I can play on Loka for 1 day...

    Hello everyone, My name is SuperCuber218. I have a big and good new to say. The Tuesday August 21st 2018, I can play on Loka from 1:00 PM EST to 5 PM EST. Hope you'll be on Loka!!!
  11. SuperCuber218

    Leaving Loka

    Hello everyone, Today, I'm leaving Loka. Why am I leaving? : Because my don't want I play games anymore. Where will go all my mending stuff? : I gave my mending stuff to 5 players: Aggressive_Gibon, Mrpisquallie, Iwasnotthere, _Adzy and Sparky__. Why these players? : Because there was very...
  12. SuperCuber218

    Post your pets!

    Have no pets RIP
  13. SuperCuber218

    First Annual Loka Awards!

    Not the best fisher ;'(