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    Nbax Unmute Appeal

    +1 horrible person
  2. X_Cavator

    Implement in Future Do something about griefing tiles before fights

    -1 the crafting tables are helpful in case you need to craft something
  3. X_Cavator

    Opp List Appeals

    Yeah that x_cavaltor1 guy is quickie for sure keep him on list
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    hey guys anyone wanna be friends

    hey guys anyone wanna be friends
  5. X_Cavator

    What's up man, it's been a while

    What's up man, it's been a while
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    Overwatch is lit hmu

    Overwatch is lit hmu
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    Suggestion Admin Appreciation Day

  8. X_Cavator

    Looking for Librarians

    Sine me 4 libarian I red buks
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    Conquest Updates - April

    Sounds very cool. About how many people are on the server on an average day? I feel like all these conquest changes are keeping all those new players that joined in December - January, just wondering though.
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    1.9 comes out next thursday

    Well it seems like once I will have enough time to start being active again the server will have already updated. See ya Loka, it was fun.
  12. X_Cavator

    Death during TGen fights.

    Wolf makes a pretty good point. The frustrating thing about this server and dealing with groups such as Hilo is theres nothing you can do to beat them. They'll always have numbers and the system is meant to have numbers and time be who wins, skill is meant to hold no value. Until weakness 3...
  13. X_Cavator

    Weakness 3 is bs

    I've lost one since November lol