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Recent content by Skuhoo

  1. Skuhoo

    Suggestion QoL for #market in Discord

    This functionality already exists. Once a sale is gone the corresponding #market message is deleted.
  2. Skuhoo

    No Plans to Implement Orbs in Market

    That's not really the reason why. Orbs are already not EULA-compliant. I assume this bit was added when they launched "minecoins": https://help.mojang.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1590522-minecraft-commercial-use
  3. Skuhoo

    Thwartin' be Hard

    When was the last time you had that issue? LOS checks were improved not that long ago.
  4. Skuhoo

    Thwartin' be Hard

    I think you're missing my point. It's not just that your suggestions wouldn't work, it's that any new method of raiding would just result in another mechanic on a checklist of other mechanics that towns need to build around. Furthermore, additional raiding methods would disproportionately affect...
  5. Skuhoo

    Thwartin' be Hard

    Your post and subsequent comments come off as feeling almost entitled to a town's items. If a town does everything right why should it be anything short of impossible to raid said town? Bar some sort siege mechanic that allows breaking blocks within foreign towns it's not possible to introduce...
  6. Skuhoo

    Thwartin' be Hard

    Loka isn't any other server. That rule exists specifically to encourage town owners to recruit, as players who don't get into a town quickly are unlikely to stick around.
  7. Skuhoo

    SigmaFlash's Alting Ban Appeal

    There are a number of suspect angles to your story. Despite minutes earlier telling me that SupaKrishBoi has his own computer during the SS you told myself and Gibbon that at the time in question SupaKrishBoi was playing from your computer, not his own. Considering we have server logs proving...
  8. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Custom Loka+ textures on lored weapons

    If someone wants to make a pack that changes their sword texture they can. I added my now retired sword's texture to my pack as an easter egg that only affects me. Due to Loka's NBT obfuscation a pack that adds CITs for swords isn't even visible to anyone other than the player holding the sword...
  9. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Custom Loka+ textures on lored weapons

    The Optifine feature that lets resource packs assign custom textures/models to items matching set criteria. https://github.com/sp614x/optifine/blob/master/OptiFineDoc/doc/cit_single.properties
  10. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Custom Loka+ textures on lored weapons

    Loka+ is a pack designed to go on top of players' other packs and isn't meant to replace any non Loka-specific textures. Lots of players use pvp packs that change the size/look of swords and I wouldn't want to mess with that. The most I'd do is add some sort of special overlay texture for lored...
  11. Skuhoo

    No Plans to Implement Add a PVP pack link

    What advantage does a pvp pack give? We've already disabled fire if you have fire resistance.
  12. Skuhoo

    Suggestion Tnt Chaining

    TNT primed in your town should break blocks. It's a bug likely in the Loka mechanic where TNT primed outside your town will not damage blocks within your town.
  13. Skuhoo

    Suggestion If there is less than a double-chest quantity in a void storage chest, allow access marker to be removed.

    How often do people have access markers with less than a single or double chest of items? I don't think it would be used very often.
  14. Skuhoo

    No Plans to Implement new source of fun ;)

    Yeah, I don't think so.
  15. Skuhoo

    My Ban Appeal

    Yeah, no it wasn't. You were tempbanned for 2 days for using slurs before your public chat outburst of spamming racial slurs. Then you tried to evade your ban by using another account. I'm not voicing any opinion on your actual appeal, just setting the record straight.