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Recent content by SigmaFlash

  1. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion NEW DUEL ARENAS

    +1 pls
  2. SigmaFlash

    Ughbraces for slicer

    +1 ugh braces is like so wow to me
  3. SigmaFlash

    sami_sol = yosri confirm???!

    +1 would make a good elder
  4. SigmaFlash

    Announcing My Loka Presidential Candidacy

    he was at work when he wrote this btw
  5. SigmaFlash

    Changes to Town Betrayal

    +1 very informative
  6. SigmaFlash

    Implemented Shrines

  7. SigmaFlash

    False Banned

    -1 clearly cheating
  8. SigmaFlash

    Fixed random teleports to spawn during reins

    it doesnt work with sugarcane and kelp/seagrass
  9. SigmaFlash

    Khanye unmute Appeal

    -1 for sure
  10. SigmaFlash

    Unmute Appeal

    -1 no no no no NO!
  11. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion NEW CONQUEST ISLE!

    100 players bruh balvina when
  12. SigmaFlash

    Suggestion Capital Bounty Change

    it would be sick if capital bounties returned the industries back to the respective towns it was from so capitals don't just literally steal industries. it would be really sick and lokamc epic