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Recent content by Crucco

  1. Crucco

    Marioistrash for Sentry

    +1 mario epic left clicker
  2. Crucco

    Unmute Request

    i have played with gepe on different servers and he is a very chill guy, +1
  3. Crucco

    Suggestion Reins Chat

  4. Crucco

    PineconeWalrus Crusader Skin Dispute

    Can't you change the skin to something that looks less like a klansmen? There are many different templar knight skins you can use.
  5. Crucco

    PineconeWalrus Crusader Skin Dispute

    what koi said!
  6. Crucco

    Rejected ShulkerBox Tooltip Mod Suggestion

    I agree, it's a huge advantage especially when you're under pressure e.g. when kiting.
  7. Crucco

    New Loka Update!!!!!!!

  8. Crucco

    Jammin_Mas for Web & Art Role

    +1 for jammie mas
  9. Crucco

    pUPPIpUNTIR666 and UghBraces Ban Appeal

    +1 im ughbraces fan
  10. Crucco

    36s for slicer

  11. Crucco

    TheFreshLemon Ban Appeal?

    -1 i like oranges
  12. Crucco

    Clearhercules (ToeasyToKite) Unmute Appeal

    +1 keep an eye on him tho