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Recent content by Donutified

  1. Donutified

    New Book Release Soon!

    melon auto farms?
  2. Donutified

    A goodbye to the server

    sorry for replying late but that means a lot to me <3
  3. Donutified

    happy bday! :)

    happy bday! :)
  4. Donutified

    A goodbye to the server

    I’ll try my best to stay active on discord! :)
  5. Donutified

    A goodbye to the server

    Hi everyone, first and foremost I'd just like to thank everyone for the great time I've had on Loka, it's been a truly unforgettable experience and I've racked up loads of buddies along the way. However, unfortunately, everything comes to an end; and due to unexpected circumstances I am unable...
  6. Donutified

    DFG1125 For Slicer

    I’m a tad bit late to this, but from what I know DFG has good intentions at heart! He’s a friendly guy, with some good memes and I believe I’ve had a few chats and a short vc with him in the past. Honestly even if we haven’t talked much recently I feel like it’s been a great experience to get to...
  7. Donutified

    No Plans to Implement Anarchy Server

    Honestly, I kinda like the creativity in such an idea but I think it would come with many negative effects towards the Loka community. For starters, in anarchy servers, players are usually allowed if not encouraged to act horribly to others. This would obviously result in tensions arising...
  8. Donutified

    Implement in Future /G Title Changes

    This sound like a really good idea, you definitely have my support all the way. I think it would function similar to the Loka title system for public chat which would add increased incentives for townsfolk to work towards all these snazzy titles and build up the RP goals. In addition to this, I...
  9. Donutified

    Lots of knackered apples?

    Lots of knackered apples?
  10. Donutified

    The City of Althuan (WIP)

    mini update on the bit about story-based quests, any suggestions/questions about althuan would me much appreciated as it would allow me to expand on such a guide. cheers guys :)
  11. Donutified

    Donut's Miracalis Misadventures

    Yay, chapter three is gonna be coming soon. :ooo
  12. Donutified


    Nuuuu kaph ;-; I'll miss you, even though we only knew each other slightly I'll be sad to see ya go.
  13. Donutified

    No Plans to Implement 1 Outpost for town.

    Also I really want to open up a little inn in the middle of nowhere.
  14. Donutified

    No Plans to Implement 1 Outpost for town.

    In my opinion, I kinda support this idea but with some different light. I think maybe nomads should be able to claim a 20 x 20 territory with land (of course if it's in a town's territory then they must request for such privileges). The land could be block protected and potentially serve as an...
  15. Donutified

    Donut's Miracalis Misadventures

    Donut's Miracalis Misadventures Quickie note: Sorry if this felt kinda rushed, I had to finish it in a hurry. Again, apologies for the delay as I’ve been very busy recently with an exam week coming up. Also please remember that this story was actually based off a true event, I have a few more...