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Recent content by BorkMork

  1. BorkMork

    To Arvik

    Arvik will always have an imprint upon Loka's world, we shall forever remember it
  2. BorkMork

    A Lesson in Dying

  3. BorkMork

    A Lesson in Dying

    Duuuudeee, I can't wait for more. :^)
  4. BorkMork

    Suggestion Artmap Plugin

    Hm, I believe the maps will still be there without the plugin installed, and will still be there if it updates.
  5. BorkMork

    Suggestion Artmap Plugin

    Ello my dudes, I have been through a few other servers and I have found this amazing plugin. It's called Artmap, basically you can create pixelart and hang them on different surfaces. This can help with creating paintings, decorations (insignias, crates), etc. The plugin is here. And example can...
  6. BorkMork

    Wizardteepot for Slicer!

    Tee has been pretty nice throughout the months, and rather intelligent, chill, and kind to the rest of the community. +1
  7. BorkMork

    Aggressive_Gibon for Slicer!

    From what I saw, Aggressive is a pretty nice guy. He made a guide to assist people regarding getting started on the server, and he's chill. +1
  8. BorkMork

    _Desertdweller_ for Slicer!

    Desertdweller is a chill guy that doesn't lose his cool regarding any situations. He's pretty kind and nice to people who need it, man. So +1.
  9. BorkMork

    Suggestion Minigames Arena!

    A game where we use elytras and try to shoot each other down. Ones who fall to the ground or use up all of their rockets are out of the game. The last one to stay in the air, wins. :^)
  10. BorkMork

    New Town Core Iron Door Missing

    Also, it's nice to meet you Kirretol, welcome to Loka!
  11. BorkMork

    If you take all of the arteries you have and place them in a straight line, you'll most likely die.

    If you take all of the arteries you have and place them in a straight line, you'll most likely die.
  12. BorkMork

    The Major Accomplishments of Loka

    1. Became a slicer. 2. Became an owner of Arvik. 3. Got married while being attacked. 4. Met some awesome people. 5. I now regularly use Discord than Skype, huzzah!
  13. BorkMork

    Gain His Trust

    Damn, that was pretty good, my dude. I can't wait for more! But when's the wedding? :^)
  14. BorkMork

    Shadows of the Spire

    I'm getting pumped!
  15. BorkMork

    Building Team Application Thread

    I vouch this guy. He does amazing buildings.