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Recent content by Aressem

  1. Aressem

    Aressem for LCR

    I will also accept lobbying and bribes just for everyones information
  2. Aressem

    Aressem for LCR

    sry i meant to put 19
  3. Aressem

    BobbyRavioli LCR Application

    very nice but u copied mine
  4. Aressem

    Lurnn For LCR

    great appeal +1 lovely just lovely
  5. Aressem

    Aressem for LCR

    Age: 14 Current rank: Settler What you think is expected of position: Talk about stuff Why you think players should support you: I think that players should support me as LCR due to my competition's lack of social and basic human skills. I am a very active player and member of the Loka...
  6. Aressem

    Nbax Unmute Appeal

    +1 been in vc with him a lot recently he is chill not toxic
  7. Aressem

    Aressem Unmute Appeal

    I have been muted for quite some time now, I believe it has been a sufficient punishment for my actions. I am just making this post so the staff can debate among themselves for my possible unmute. Thank you.
  8. Aressem

    Implemented TNT Minecarts

    im picking up a scent of moldy cheese as well.....
  9. Aressem

    Implemented TNT Minecarts

    dont get ur rotten milk panties in a twist milk boy
  10. Aressem

    Implemented TNT Minecarts

    i can smell u through the screen milk boy
  11. Aressem

    Implemented TNT Minecarts

    u smell like rotten milk
  12. Aressem

    Implemented TNT Minecarts

    then why did crystals get nerfed? why crystals got nerfed? build between the crystal? pearl away? use blast prot?
  13. Aressem

    Implemented TNT Minecarts

    coming from someone whos never been on the other side of a tnt cart
  14. Aressem

    Perma ban appeal

    yolo +1