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Recent content by adawee

  1. adawee

    Ughbraces for slicer

    +1 Lorax for Slicer!
  2. adawee

    SilentStormSix for Guardian

    +1 Very nice dude and likes to help people.
  3. adawee

    FoxyBearGames for Guardian

    +1 known this dude for 10 months. Very nice and smart guy. Good luck on Guardian man.
  4. adawee

    Suggestion Capital Bounty Change

    He won't blow up his town because they will blow it up for him.
  5. adawee

    Jammin_Mas for Web & Art Role

    +1 yes
  6. adawee

    Marioistrash for Sentry

    +1 Champion for sentry!
  7. adawee

    Fifth Round LCR Results

    Moosebobby didnt win this is a scam. Riot time
  8. adawee

    Unmute Request

    You should've read the rules man.
  9. adawee

    Suggestion Reins Chat

  10. adawee

    LostProperty For Sentry

    +1 Nice and good person.
  11. adawee

    LostProperty For LCR

    +1 he's a very cool guy.
  12. adawee

    SilentStormSix for Community Representative

    (((((2149014901590 / 53121513) / 41) / 50) / 6) / 3) - 0.09633334844. Do the math and the answer will be clear.
  13. adawee

    Lurnn for LCR

    +1 cause why not
  14. adawee

    Moosebobby for LCR

    I can assure this dude is on -25 hours a day.
  15. adawee

    FoxyBearGames for Community Representative

    +1 he's on for 25 hours a day and I can approve it.